About Us

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"Sigma Design’s 20,000 square feet Technology Commercialization and Manufacturing Research Center, Middlesex, New Jersey

A Creative Product Engineering Services Providing Technology Resource Specializing In:

Sigma Design provides professional engineering and design services including new product development, complex mechanisms & machine design, 3D modeling, stress analysis, heat transfer analysis, flow analysis, manufacturing drawings, geometric tolerances, & CAD drawings.

Creative – On Time – On Budget"

“I have worked with Sigma Design for many years on all kinds of projects and have found them to be professional, dependable and most importantly, extremely competent. I recommend them highly.” President – NYC Industrial Design Firm

Our clients rely on Sigma to be creative, on time, and on budget. Sigma engineers and designers offer value-added improvements and support. Our customers benefit from our experience in technologies and industries outside of their own to best help them meet their design and engineering needs. It’s always been about innovation, and it still is.

Sigma Design does not simply provide engineering services; we enable manufacturers to:

  • Create better products
  • Launch more designs in less time
  • Help manufacturers create new revenue streams
  • Reduce new product time to market
  • Improve quality/reliability of existing parts and designs
  • Value engineer designs to increase business profit margins

Our Professional Team Includes: Project Managers, Industrial Designers, Electrical Engineers, Machinists, Machine Designers, Manufacturing Procurement Specialists, Marine Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Mechanics, Plastic Parts Designers, Structural Engineers, Technical Researchers, Technicians and Welders.


Sigma’s expertise allows its clients to get reliable, well-engineered products to market faster and at higher margins.

We have a firm understanding of manufacturing and the need for high-quality, sustainable, locally made products that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Sigma Design has successfully completed 1,000+ design and design/build projects since 1999.

Sigma provides world-class : Electro-mechanical System Design, Plastic Parts Design, Digital Electronics Design, Engineering Analysis, Materials Selection/Optimization, Identifying/Selecting for Part Manufacturing methods, and Manufacturing optimization and cost review.