Health & Life Science

Sigma Design Company designs, optimizes and manufactures products, analytical equipment and test systems for the Health and Life Sciences industry. As a proven design and manufacturing partner, we bring their vision to life, whether it’s creating breakthrough medical devices, optimizing existing products, or developing test systems aimed at making peoples’ lives better. These products have ranged from surgical tools, medical devices and equipment to blood centrifuges, diagnostic and analytical laboratory equipment, drug delivery tools, and more.

Sigma Design professionals have decades of experience in:

Concept development

Complex geometry and specialty mechanisms

Development of manufacturing methods and drawings

Definition and testing for separation technologies

Advanced engineering analysis, FEA and CFD CFD stress, and flow and heat transfer analysis

Sigma has product-project experience including:

Surgical tools

Knee & hip implants

Wheelchair design

Blood centrifuge

Diagnostic and analytical laboratory equipment

Drug delivery tools


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