Instrument Finds Power Cable Defects

Customer : EA Technologies, USA

Industry : Electrical Power Systems

Sub Heading : New Instrument Finds Power Cable Defects


Data Instrument Measures Power Cable Condition.

The local office of a global power cable asset firm saw a way to improve the field usefulness of one of their current power cable diagnostic technologies.  The device measures radio frequency currents to assess the condition of live distribution voltage cables. They had made a rough prototype or proof of idea and were looking for assistance to develop a functional prototype for field testing. Sigma Design developed the prototype and subsequent units which are expected to allow cable testing anywhere in the world. The instruments are supplied as complete, ready-to-use kits, with Radio Frequency Current Transformers (RFCTs), cabling, USB-powered data collection unit and carry case, together with optional software, training and factory technical support

Sigma is also the manufacturer of the Hot Stick Clamps.

Services Performed:

Electronic Design Consultants, Concept Development, 3D Printing, Detail System Components Design, Fabricating, Testing and Validation.