Offshore Oil Platform Riser

Customer : NorthStar Engineering, LA

Industry : Offshore – Marine

Sub Heading : Offshore Oil Platform Pipe Riser Floating Anchor Development

Floating Riser Anchor Design Enables Higher Loads.

As floating offshore oil platforms reach deeper depths, securing the large riser pipes coming up from the sea floor becomes a bigger challenge than ever. Riser anchors must be designed to account for higher payloads as well as for complex dynamic loads. Sigma working with our partners NorthStar Engineering of Slidell Louisiana developed a new hydraulically mounted 48” pipe riser anchor system. The system was designed to withstand lateral loads of 750,000 pounds while simultaneously seeing tension loads of 1,000,000 pounds. Using FEA stress analysis software we were able to fine tune the fabrication geometry and details to reduce the highest stress points and create a safer design. The end result was a structure that could withstand deep sea combination loads while reducing fatigue cracking.

Services Performed:

Concept Layouts, Stress Loading Simulation,  System Design, Welding Services, Fabrication Details and Shop Drawings.