Industrial Water and Filtration Systems

Sigma Design Company has deep experience in design, engineering and manufacturing systems for industrial water and filtration. Since 1999, our work within this industry encompasses filtration device and media selection for solid/liquid separation, flow analysis and modeling, industrial filtration systems and water treatment systems, filter component design and commercialization, filter housings (ASME VIII), and more.

Our experienced filtration engineers have expertise in filtration separation solutions and also understand process limitations. Using advanced design tools and 3D visualization of fluid flow profiles, we are able to uncover and remedy non-obvious, counter-intuitive design flaws.

Our experience in industrial filtration and water treatment includes:

  • Design/build arsenic removal pump and treat system – MEI
  • Design/build in-situ water analysis system – Well Tech Environmental
  • Design/build pilot automatic filtration system on CVNX Desalination Systems – U.S. Navy
  • Design/build complete automatic filtration and separation product line – Spiral Water Technologies
  • Designed Hoover and Parker Dam cooling water filters for zebra mussel control – U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Having this information available makes the filter selection process easy.

What is the fluid to be filtered? Concentration? Viscosity?
What is the maximum operating temperature?
What is the flow rate? Maximum pressure?
What size particulate is to be removed? Solid, gels, uniform, irregular?
Do you have a particle size analysis?
Is it for a batch or a continuous process?
Are there preferred materials of construction?
What are the maximum allowable clean and dirty differential pressures?
ASME Code or non-code?
Let Sigma design/build the correct filter system for your application

For more information on Sigma’s work in filtration and separation, please contact us