Design and Engineering Services

Design and engineering services include new product development, complex mechanisms and machine design, 3D modeling, stress analysis, heat transfer analysis, flow analysis, patent support, manufacturing drawings, geometric tolerances and CAD drawings. We employ advanced engineering, simulation and rapid prototyping technology to speed time to market while helping clients reduce risks and costs associated with product development.

In addition to engineering new solutions, our team also evaluates products and systems under development, using advanced engineering analysis and rigorous testing protocols including simulation that allows us to uncover FEA and CFD stress, as well as flow and heat transfer to detect non-obvious, counter-intuitive design flaws early in the process.

Sigma Design also develops stringent test protocols and performs factory acceptance testing on all the electro-mechanical systems we build. Our broad manufacturing knowledge and experience helps streamline the process. Not only can we manufacture your systems; we can analyze and determine the best way to optimize them.


Manufacturing Services

Sigma provides comprehensive in-house manufacturing services for our clients, whether the products are designed and developed here or brought to us later in the development cycle (Build To Print).

Just like our design and engineering services, all manufacturing is completed in our 20,000 square foot Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center here in Middlesex, New Jersey.

By keeping design, engineering, and manufacturing under one roof, we maintain better control of the entire process and can ensure the highest standards of quality. Sigma accepts full responsibility each step of the way.

The Sigma Design Team are experts in developing and manufacturing; electromechanical assemblies, drives and motion control, HMI & PLC programming, electrical enclosure and panel building, CNC milling, turning, machining, assembly, and testing. Our fabrication services include a team of fully certified ASME and AWS welders delivering stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum precision weldments every day.

Want to know more about our Manufacture/Build services? Call 732-629-7555 today or download our Manufacturing Services flyer.


Build to Print Services

Sigma Design Company offers Build to Print Services for clients that have a proven design for a product or machine and are ready to move into production. Our Build to Print Services offer an ideal solution for clients who are looking to increase capacity by replicating existing equipment and need a new manufacturing partner, or whose demand has outgrown their current supplier base.

Our extensive manufacturing expertise and decades of experience enables us to deliver turn-key equipment and products for your company – from manufacturing heavy equipment fixtures to assembly work cells, automated production equipment and myriad other projects with repeatable, reliable precision. We can also review your drawings and BOMs from a manufacturing point of view and offer suggestions for improvements in cost, assembly and manufacturability.

Sigma design manufactures build to print precision welding parts and assemblies for customers. Sigma design welders are certified to:

  • ASME Section IX procedure qualified for carbon and stainless steel structural and pipe components. GTAW(TIG) and GMAW (MIG). – fillet, V groove, plug and slot welds
  • ASME Section IX procedure qualified for aluminum structural plate GTAW(TIG) and GMAW (MIG). – fillet, V groove, plug and slot welds
  • ASME D.1 carbon steel GTAW and GMAW – fillet, V groove, plug and slot welds
  • ASME D.1 aluminum GTAW(TIG) and GMAW (MIG). – fillet, V groove, plug and slot welds