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The Role of UL 508A Certification in Industrial Control Design

The Role of UL 508A Certification in Industrial Control Design

UL 508A certification plays a significant role in industrial control system design. This set of standards governs the construction of industrial control panels and is typically required by industrial equipment purchasers, insurance providers, and electrical inspectors. At Sigma Design, these standards are foundational in helping us build safe, reliable control system designs. Below, we'll discuss exactly what a UL 508A certification is[...]
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Reaching 25 Years is Worth Celebrating

Jerry Lynch was a young engineer working as the Manager of Engineering for Hayward Industrial Products in Elizabeth. His wife, Debbie Lynch was an associate professor at a local college where she ran a culinary program. They began looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity, ideally one that might merge their expertise in food + engineering. It almost happened on Long Island where they[...]
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Differential Pressure Alarm Panel

New Industrial Product Release Differential Pressure Alarm System

A New Differential Pressure Alarm System With Communications Module Model DPC-4570 DPC-4570 SPECIFICATIONS: The new SIGMA DP Alarm Panel is ready to satisfy your Differential Pressure monitoring needs. The Differential Pressure (DP) Alarm Panel is a simple, easy to install and configure solution to monitor the pressure drop across a filtration media or other pressure sensitive processes. It is suitable for liquid[...]
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Ag-Tech System Design Tips

Ag-Tech System Design Tips

Odds are, if you're exploring technological approaches to an agricultural problem, others are facing the same difficulty. The challenge, however, is turning an answer to that issue into a product or system that works as expected and is practical to produce and implement. Designing and manufacturing a successful Ag-Tech solution can result in improvements in efficiency, productivity, safety, and more. Partnering with[...]
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Industrial Water Filtration

Innovations in Industrial Water Filtration Systems: The Future of Water Treatment Technologies

Water purity is critical to various industries, including power generation, food and beverage processing, and pharmaceutical production. Sigma Design Co. has developed patented technologies and collaborative research that make us a leader in water treatment innovation. Technological advances in filtration technology are vital to meeting the increasingly complex demands of industrial applications and environmental regulations. In this blog, we will explore water[...]
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Snack Inspired Machinery

There’s a good chance that if you are a snacker, you have tasted a ‘popped’ chip. These snacks can be sweet, savory, or salty bites derived from corn, rice, potato, chickpeas or other combinations of starches. The starches are formed into micro pellets, which are then “popped” using high temperature and pressure to create snack ‘chips’. Since no frying or baking is[...]
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D2 Show 2023

Join Us at the Design2Part Show in the Meadowlands!

We Will Be At Meadowlands Exposition Center Secaucus, NJ April 26 & 27, 2023 Drop by our Sigma Design booth #341 Design2Part Show April 26 & 27 at 09:30-15:00 Meadowlands Exposition Center Secaucus, NJ Come learn more about our design, manufacturing, and assembly solutions. We are a one-stop shop and can deliver your product from beginning to end. We have handled over 1,000[...]
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Art Fabrication

In her third collaboration with Sigma Design Company, ceramics artist Rebecca Manson created “Crowded Bed”, a landscape sculpture featuring a riot of delicate, ceramic flowers balanced upon graceful, metal branches made from tubular stainless steel. Each stem was torched, twisted, and arched to replicate its fluidity in nature. Every flower was hand crafted by Manson, with each one displaying amazing botanical detail.[...]
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Ag-tech and Food Processing- Sigma Can Help You Grow Your Next Idea

Sigma Design Company has extensive experience in designing, developing, optimizing, and manufacturing equipment for clients in the demanding Ag-tech and Food Processing industries. Whether you are looking for a solution aimed at the fast-growing ag-tech indoor vertical farms sector, or developing a product for the food processing industry, Sigma will leverage our years of experience to take your concept from an idea[...]
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Precision Fabrication at SIGMA DESIGN COMPANY

When you are developing new products, details matter.  That’s when you might need a team of professionals to help. At Sigma Design Company, a One-Stop Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing resource, we are known for precision in the fabrication of new products.  One glance at our well-equipped welding workspace or the machining station tells the story of our commitment to precision, quality, and[...]
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