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Snack Inspired Machinery

There’s a good chance that if you are a snacker, you have tasted a ‘popped’ chip. These snacks can be sweet, savory, or salty bites derived from corn, rice, potato, chickpeas or other combinations of starches. The starches are formed into micro pellets, which are then “popped” using high temperature and pressure to create snack ‘chips’. Since no frying or baking is[...]
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D2 Show 2023

Join Us at the Design2Part Show in the Meadowlands!

We Will Be At Meadowlands Exposition Center Secaucus, NJ April 26 & 27, 2023 Drop by our Sigma Design booth #341 Design2Part Show April 26 & 27 at 09:30-15:00 Meadowlands Exposition Center Secaucus, NJ Come learn more about our design, manufacturing, and assembly solutions. We are a one-stop shop and can deliver your product from beginning to end. We have handled over 1,000[...]
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Art Fabrication

In her third collaboration with Sigma Design Company, ceramics artist Rebecca Manson created “Crowded Bed”, a landscape sculpture featuring a riot of delicate, ceramic flowers balanced upon graceful, metal branches made from tubular stainless steel. Each stem was torched, twisted, and arched to replicate its fluidity in nature. Every flower was hand crafted by Manson, with each one displaying amazing botanical detail.[...]
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Ag-tech and Food Processing- Sigma Can Help You Grow Your Next Idea

Sigma Design Company has extensive experience in designing, developing, optimizing, and manufacturing equipment for clients in the demanding Ag-tech and Food Processing industries. Whether you are looking for a solution aimed at the fast-growing ag-tech indoor vertical farms sector, or developing a product for the food processing industry, Sigma will leverage our years of experience to take your concept from an idea[...]
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Precision Fabrication at SIGMA DESIGN COMPANY

When you are developing new products, details matter.  That’s when you might need a team of professionals to help. At Sigma Design Company, a One-Stop Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing resource, we are known for precision in the fabrication of new products.  One glance at our well-equipped welding workspace or the machining station tells the story of our commitment to precision, quality, and[...]
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Finding Ways to Stay Competitive

Finding Ways to Stay Competitive

NJ Manufacturers Continue to Look for Ways to Compete Across the Globe Despite Challenges New and Old. By Jim Pytell, Managing Editor  •  From the March 2022 issue of New Jersey Business Magazine The manufacturing industry has deep historical roots that run throughout New Jersey. In fact, while it is known as the Garden State, New Jersey is actually home to what[...]
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Gold Hire Vets Certificate

Sigma Design Recognized for Hiring Veterans

Sigma Design was recently awarded the Gold Hire Vets Medallion award from the United States Department of Labor. It is the only veteran employment award at the federal level that is presented to companies that hire and retain veterans as a certain percentage of their workforce. A national commitment to recruiting and employing veterans is an initiative that the whole country can[...]
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Sigma Design Builds Lubricant Testing Machine for a Global Petroleum Corporation

Testing and validating product is of paramount importance no matter what industry you are in, and this often requires specialized equipment and processes. When it comes to industrial lubricants, it is critical to ensure that these products will provide the advertised level of protection for the equipment to which they will be applied. Viscosity is a key metric specifically for lubricants, which[...]
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Sigma Design Attends Design-2-Part Show in Oaks, PA

Sigma Design Attends Design-2-Part Show in Oaks, PA

Trade shows are a great avenue for networking and getting in front of potential customers, and Sigma Design was pleased to attend the Mid-Atlantic Design-2-Part show in Oaks, PA on October 20-21. This is a great event connecting manufacturers and suppliers for the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. Design-2-Part does a great job facilitating these events and has trade shows throughout the[...]
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Design 2 Part Show

Visit Mid-Atlantic Design-2-Part Show, Booth 319.

Build to Print. Build on Time. Build on Budget. Your job, your life has probably never been as stressful as it is today. For over 20 years, Sigma Design Company has relieved our customers’ stress by delivering products on-time and on-budget without sacrificing quality. A one-stop engineering and manufacturing specialist that knows the hidden hazards that stall projects and bust budgets. Visit[...]
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