Ag-tech and Food Processing- Sigma Can Help You Grow Your Next Idea

Sigma Design Company has extensive experience in designing, developing, optimizing and manufacturing equipment for clients in the demanding Ag-tech and Food Processing industries. Whether you are looking for a solution aimed at the fast-growing ag-tech indoor vertical farms sector, or developing a product for the food processing industry, Sigma will leverage our years of experience to take your concept from an idea to […]

July 7, 2022|

Precision Fabrication at Sigma Design Company

When you are developing new products, details matter. That’s when you might need a team of professionals to help. At Sigma Design Company, a One-Stop Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing resource, we are known for precision in the fabrication of new products. One glance at our well-equipped welding workspace or the machining station tells the story of our commitment to precision, quality, and working […]

May 18, 2022|

Finding Ways to Stay Competitive

NJ Manufacturers Continue to Look for Ways to Compete Across the Globe Despite Challenges New and Old.

By Jim Pytell, Managing Editor  •  From the March 2022 issue of New Jersey Business Magazine

The manufacturing industry has deep historical roots that run throughout New Jersey. In fact, while it is known as the Garden State, New Jersey is actually home to what […]

March 16, 2022|
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