What are Build-to-Print Services?

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Build-to-print is the process of manufacturing equipment, components, or products based on the exact specifications that a client provides. The client gives instructions and specific details on the design and provides assembly drawings and bills of materials (BOMs) to the manufacturer, who then fabricates the product based on those specifications.

Benefits of Build-to-Print Services

Advantages of build-to-print services include:


By relying on build-to-print services, our clients do not have to invest in expensive design and engineering resources, allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies. A business can double down on its strength and focus on effectively managing its operations.

Time Efficiency

Partnering with specialized manufacturing companies leverages their expertise and capabilities. They are usually well-equipped and have experience producing different equipment for other clients. They can commence production based on the given specifications without requiring extensive design iterations, allowing for a quicker turnaround.

Precision and Accuracy

Build-to-print produces equipment with exact specifications as provided by the customer, ensuring greater precision and accuracy. Also, making repair pieces with built-to-print designs is faster, preventing delays.

Sigma Design Co’s Build-to-Print Capabilities

Sigma Design Company has extensive manufacturing expertise and years of experience and can provide turn-key equipment and products for our clients with repeatable and reliable precision.

Some of our projects include manufacturing heavy equipment fixtures, assembly work cells, and automated production equipment. We can also evaluate your drawings and BOMs from a manufacturing angle and suggest assembly, manufacturability, and cost improvements.

Our company produces build-to-print precision welding assemblies and parts for clients from different industries. Sigma design welders are qualified to execute fillet, V groove, plug, and slot welds as required by the certification standards such as:

  • ASME Section IX procedure for carbon and stainless steel structures and pipe components — to perform welding using GTAW (TIG) and GMAW (MIG) processes.
  • ASME Section IX procedure for aluminum structural plates — to weld aluminum using GTAW (TIG) and GMAW (MIG) processes.
  • ASME D.1 for carbon steel welding — to perform GTAW and GMAW on carbon steel.
  • ASME D.1 for aluminum welding — to weld aluminum using GTAW (TIG) and GMAW (MIG) processes.
Sigma Design Co’s Build-to-Print Capabilities

Industries Served

AG-Tech and Food Processing

Sigma Design offers build-to-print services to agricultural biotechnology, farm mechanization, supply chain technologies, and other companies in the agri-tech and food processing industry, helping turn their ideas into successful machinery and products.

Clean Energy

Sigma Design plays a big role in promoting clean energy. We have offered build-to-print services to top companies in the energy and clean tech industry, completing more than 1,000 projects timely and affordably.

Culinary Appliances

We manufacture food-safe culinary appliances, delivering an innovative, cost-saving solution that meets stringent safety standards required in the food and beverage industry.

Health and Life Science Products

Sigma Design uses cutting-edge technologies to convert ideas into practical solutions while helping navigate the changing regulatory requirements in the health and life science sectors. Our technical team has experience in designing products that meet various FDA regulations.

Industrial Water and Filtration Systems

At Sigma Design, we go beyond simply fulfilling customer specifications for a project. If necessary, we provide a consultative approach to assist at every stage of manufacturing industrial water and filtration systems.

Expert Build-to-Print Services from Sigma Design

If your company has a general idea of the size, function, and other details of a product you want to produce, partnering with a build-to-print service provider can help you save on time and costs, allowing you to focus on core competencies.

Design-Build Engineered Systems & Machines

At Sigma Design Company, we commit to building strong customer partnerships and ensuring seamless communication and collaboration throughout the build-to-print process. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your build-to-print needs.