Analytical & Test Systems:
  • Design/build XRF Collimator Positioning System – EDAX
  • Design/build Fuel Water Filtration Test Stand – U.S. and Egyptian Army Joint Venture
  • Design 75-foot-long Laboratory Travelling Bridge System for Ohmsett/MAR
  • Design/build Ball Bearing Test Stand Design/build – Infinium
  • Design/build Bearing Test Machine – Exxon Mobile
Clean Energy and Renewables:
  • Design/build Run of River Hydro Electric Generator Launched in the Mississippi River – Free Flow Power
  • Design/build Road Energy Harvesting System for New Energy Technologies – Motion Power
  • Design/build Hydro Turbine Production Platform – Voith Hydro
  • Design/build Solar PV Sun Tracking System for Runnels Hospital Project – Wattlots
Department of Defense:
  • Design/build Filter Testing System – USN Newport News
  • Design/build Fuel Oil filter System – Electric Boat
  • Design Support Program – General Dynamics
Food Processing Equipment:
  • Co-Designed NSF Edible Sugar Structure 3D Printer – Global 3D Printing Firm
  • Designed Automatic Assembly and Filling Machine – Philips Manufacturing
  • Design/build Water Sterilizing System – Global Food Processor
  • Design/build Artisan Butter Churn – Churncraft
Health and Life Sciences:
  • Design/build PPE Face Mask Bacterial Challenge Test Stand – SGS Labs
  • Designed: Heart Dilator, Tissue Embedder, Surgical Instruments
  • Design Foil Cutting System for Sutures – Global Wound Care Manufacturer
  • Design/build Medical Filter System – CUNO
  • Design/build The French Press Cell Homogenizer – Glen Mills over 120 made
  • Design/build Servo Assembly Workstations – Global Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Design/build New MRI Assembly Production Platform – Global Medical Firm
Manufacturing Specialty Production Equipment:
  • Engine Tooling Design – Pratt & Whitney
  • Design/build Assembly Work cell – ABB
  • Design/build Cartridge Filter End Cap Assembly System – Global Filter Manufacturer
Marine – Offshore:
  • Design 75 Ton Traveling boat lift – Acme Hoist
  • Design/build Marine Pipe End Prep Machine – Victaulic
  • Designed Oil Water Separation System – Shell Nigeria
  • Design/build Tension Riser for Offshore Platform – Global Energy Firm
Water Systems and Environmental:
  • Design/build Arsenic Removal Pump and Treat System – MEI
  • Design/build In-situ Water Analysis System – Well Tech Environmental
  • Design/build Pilot Automatic Filtration System on CVNX Desalination Systems – U.S. Navy
  • Design/build Complete Automatic Filtration and Separation Product Line – Spiral Water Technologies
  • Design/build Nutrient Dosing System for Vertical Farms – Crop One
  • Designed Hoover and Parker Dam Cooling Water Filters for Zebra Mussel Control – U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

I have worked with Sigma Design for many years on all kinds of projects and have found them to be professional, dependable and most importantly, extremely competent. I recommend them highly”.

President – NYC Industrial Design Firm

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