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The 1,000+ projects that we have successfully brought from concept to finished product are as distinctive as they are complex.  From medical products to food processing equipment and appliances to filtration products used at the Hoover Dam, here is a sample of the range of work that we have successfully undertaken for our clients.

Analytical & Test Systems:
  • Design/build XRF Collimator Positioning System – EDAX
  • Design/build Fuel Water Filtration Test Stand – U.S. and Egyptian Army Joint Venture
  • Design 75-foot-long Laboratory Travelling Bridge System for Ohmsett/MAR
  • Design/build Ball Bearing Test Stand Design/build – Infinium
  • Design/build Bearing Test Machine – Exxon Mobile
Clean Energy and Renewables:
  • Design/build Run of River Hydro Electric Generator Launched in the Mississippi River – Free Flow Power
  • Design/build Road Energy Harvesting System for New Energy Technologies – Motion Power
  • Design/build Hydro Turbine Production Platform – Voith Hydro
  • Design/build Solar PV Sun Tracking System for Runnels Hospital Project – Wattlots
Department of Defense:
  • Design/build Filter Testing System – USN Newport News
  • Design/build Fuel Oil filter System – Electric Boat
  • Design Support Program – General Dynamics
Food Processing Equipment:
  • Co-Designed NSF Edible Sugar Structure 3D Printer – Global 3D Printing Firm
  • Designed Automatic Assembly and Filling Machine – Philips Manufacturing
  • Design/build Water Sterilizing System – Global Food Processor
  • Design/build Artisan Butter Churn – Churncraft
Health and Life Sciences:
  • Design/build PPE Face Mask Bacterial Challenge Test Stand – SGS Labs
  • Designed: Heart Dilator, Tissue Embedder, Surgical Instruments
  • Design Foil Cutting System for Sutures – Global Wound Care Manufacturer
  • Design/build Medical Filter System – CUNO
  • Design/build The French Press Cell Homogenizer – Glen Mills over 120 made
  • Design/build Servo Assembly Workstations – Global Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Design/build New MRI Assembly Production Platform – Global Medical Firm
Manufacturing Specialty Production Equipment:
  • Engine Tooling Design – Pratt & Whitney
  • Design/build Assembly Work cell – ABB
  • Design/build Cartridge Filter End Cap Assembly System – Global Filter Manufacturer
Marine – Offshore:
  • Design 75 Ton Traveling boat lift – Acme Hoist
  • Design/build Marine Pipe End Prep Machine – Victaulic
  • Designed Oil Water Separation System – Shell Nigeria
  • Design/build Tension Riser for Offshore Platform – Global Energy Firm
Water Systems and Environmental:
  • Design/build Arsenic Removal Pump and Treat System – MEI
  • Design/build In-situ Water Analysis System – Well Tech Environmental
  • Design/build Pilot Automatic Filtration System on CVNX Desalination Systems – U.S. Navy
  • Design/build Complete Automatic Filtration and Separation Product Line – Spiral Water Technologies
  • Design/build Nutrient Dosing System for Vertical Farms – Crop One
  • Designed Hoover and Parker Dam Cooling Water Filters for Zebra Mussel Control – U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

I have worked with Sigma Design for many years on all kinds of projects and have found them to be professional, dependable and most importantly, extremely competent. I recommend them highly”.

President – NYC Industrial Design Firm

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Over 50% of most new product development projects fail. Sigma’s experienced team uses advanced engineering, simulation and rapid prototyping to successfully reduce risks and costs associated with failures.

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