Customer: WattLots, NJ
Industry: Alternative Energy

Sigma Design Company Engineers make solar parking canopies aesthetically designed and functional
Sigma Design Company engineers make solar parking canopies aesthetically designed and functional engineering services were provided to a renewable energy company that had an idea that updated the look and efficiency of solar parking canopies. Unlike the typical large, bulky structures dropped onto parking lots all over the place, these were different in both form and function. Sigma developed the unique trackers for the PowerArbor™, which allows this solar canopy to capture 25% more energy than stationary grids.

Besides good looks and performance, Sigma had to make sure that it was structurally safe and sound. A variety of tests were done to determine its ability to withstand hurricane winds. Then Hurricane Sandy happened. The installation was half installed when it hit—and as expected the system passed the most critical test of all with no damage.

We performed a simulated hurricane wind analysis to better determine wind-induced loads. Sigma studied and used this data to update various structural components which improved the arbor’s ability to withstand 120 mph hurricane winds.

Services Performed: Concepts, wind-land simulation, detail design, electronics, product development, testing & manufacture.

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