Sigma Design is a leading one-stop design, engineering and manufacturing resource for the development of specialty equipment and engineered systems.

Since 1999, Sigma has earned the trust of clients including hundreds of global manufacturing firms and leading global brands across a wide array of industries, transforming more than 1,000 design and design/build projects into successful products and specialty equipment in use across the world.

Our highly experienced team uses the most advanced design and engineering services, manufacturing technology, and a best practices approach to turn your smart ideas into product solutions. We employ advanced engineering, simulation and rapid prototyping technology to speed time to market while helping clients reduce risks and costs associated with product development. All work, including product development, testing and manufacturing, is done in-house at our Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center in Middlesex, New Jersey.

Our experience spans an array of industries – from health and life sciences to food processing equipment and custom food machinery, culinary appliances, ag-tech, consumer and industrial products, water filtration and purification systems, clean energy and more.

Let us show you how we can bring your vision to life.

Advanced Engineering Analysis & Simulation
New Product Development
Machine Design & Factory Automation
Design/Build Manufacturing

The Sigma Design Difference

Sigma moves your designs forward while you manage your business.

Improved Throughput and Efficiency

  • More designs in less time and reduced time to market

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Sigma Design engineers have a collective 200 years of engineering experience

Broad Manufacturing Process Knowledge

  • Introduction to new technologies and best practices from industries outside your own

State-of-the-Art Facility

  • 20,000 square feet dedicated to design, engineering, testing & manufacturing
  • On-site product review


  • Proven resource for major global brands
  • Multi-person teams provide assurance of back-up
  • Access to additional resources as needed
  • Post project accessibility as resource specialist whenever necessary


  • A new perspective, outside-the-box thinking, multi-designer review

Cost-Effective Resource

  • Up to 25% more efficient than full-time in-house staff
  • Manpower can be staffed up or down as needed

Mid-sized by Design

  • Benefits of a multi-person team plus direct access to owner on important issues
  • Complete design, engineering and manufacturing resources, tailored to your needs

New Design for the French Press G-M™

Customer: Glen Mills, Inc. NJ
Industry: Medical Laboratory Devices
Sigma Design Company improves the design of a medical device to improve cell culture and tissue engineering capabilities for laboratories.
Sigma Design Company can be your partner in not only design but also in the manufacture of your new product. Consider the story behind the Glen Mills/Zellwerk Z® RP Reactor System” – a cell disruptor and high-pressure homogenizer. With the discontinuation of their previous French Press manufacturer’s production, Glenn Mills, Inc. needed to find a company that could redesign and manufacture the French Press directly for them. They found this in Sigma Design Company. Working with the original design, which was based on a 60-year-old medical device, Sigma reverse engineered and redesigned the machine to have more features, better aesthetics, and compatibility with all of the older system’s accessories. This new design incorporated many of the skills Sigma excels at including: tight tolerance machine components, hydraulics, circuit board design, material properties and finishes. With a newly designed product, Sigma Design Company manufactures and assembles these units in our NJ facility, providing immediate customer support, and a short lead time to our customers. Sigma is also the manufacturer of the French Press G-M™.

Services Performed:

Engineering Services

Design for Manufacturing

Hydraulic and Electrical Control Development



Contract Manufacturing