Design and Engineering Services

Sigma Design Co.’s Design and Engineering Services

We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of creative design solutions for developingDesign & Engineering

new products. Our process entails the following services:

  • New Product Development
  • Complex Mechanisms
  • 3D Modeling
  • Stress Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Flow Analysis
  • Patent Support
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Geometric Tolerances
  • CAD Drawings
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Simulations (FEA and CFD Testing)
  • Rapid Prototpying

Sigma Design also develops stringent test protocols and performs factory acceptance testing on all the electro-mechanical systems we build. Our broad manufacturing knowledge and experience helps streamline the process. Not only can we manufacture your systems; we can analyze and determine the best way to optimize them.

We have worked closely with our clients since 1999 to deliver the solutions they need. In the process, we have discovered that the primary elements they want in a design partner include experience, trustworthiness, creativity, cost, and timeliness.

We understand that manufacturers need to design products quicker and use lean, flexible production technology to ensure profitable products launch before the competition. However, it can often be challenging to shorten the design cycle. When you outsource your design work to Sigma Design, we can address these challenges using our proven solutions. We offer:

  • Objective Creativity. Our product design and development services help to differentiate your product, make it more unique, and increase its purchase appeal.
  • Engineering Analysis. Our engineering analysis capabilities allow us to uncover non-obvious design issues early in the process, helping to reduce design cycle times.
  • Hands-On Design Skills. Our hands-on design capabilities are particularly beneficial and important for complex mechanisms and parts.
  • Reduced Design Cycles. With our ability to reduce the design cycle, we can speed up the time to market and launch your products faster. Product development time is further reduced through frequent design reviews and fast-paced refinement.
  • Problem-Solving. We can solve your technical product problems with cost-effective solutions.
  • Dependability. Sigma Design has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and on budget for over two decades.

Industries Served

We serve clients in many industries with our product design and development services. These industries include:

  • Ag-Tech and Food Processing. We can design and build a range of advanced equipment for the ag-tech and food processing industries, including liquid nutrient dosing systems, food contact equipment that meets NSF standards, and more.
  • Clean Energy. Using advanced engineering analyses, rapid prototyping, and simulation, we can develop solutions for all kinds of clean energy sources.
  • Culinary Appliances. From product design through manufacturing and testing, we can develop food-safe culinary solutions to support the food and beverage industry.
  • Health and Life Sciences. We can design, refine, and manufacture test systems, analytical tools, and products for the healthcare and life sciences industries. Products we’ve created include blood centrifuges, drug delivery tools, diagnostic equipment, and more.
  • Industrial Water and Filtration. We have extensive experience developing various industrial water and filtration systems, including raw water treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems, and cooling tower water treatment systems.

Get Started with the Engineering & Design Experts

At Sigma Design, we can introduce you to the technologies and best practices that extend beyond your industry. As a mid-sized company, we are specifically structured so that our customers get our full attention, providing industrial design, automation design/build expertise, and engineering analysis all under one roof. Acting as a flexible extension to your engineering team, we are your one-stop resource for complete engineering solutions that meet your budget and timeline requirements.

To learn more about our unique engineering and design capabilities, contact us today. We’re also happy to supply references at your request.