Ag-tech & Food Processing

Sigma Design Company has extensive experience in designing, developing, optimizing and manufacturing equipment for clients in the demanding Ag-tech and Food Processing industries. Whether you are looking for a solution aimed at the fast-growing ag-tech indoor vertical farms sector, or developing a product for the food processing industry, Sigma will leverage our years of experience to take your concept from an idea to finished product – on time and on budget.

Our experience includes developing analytical appliances, testing equipment and water filtration systems for such applications as:

  • Design/build liquid nutrient dosing systems
  • Structural analysis of racks and structures
  • Food contact equipment to NSF
  • Temperature analysis of food storage systems
  • Water and wash down systems development
  • Wastewater treatment for TSS reduction prior to discharge to WWTP

We have worked with scores of clients in the ag-tech and food processing industry including:

  • Crop One – Vertical Farming
  • Welch’s Foods – Industrial Food Processing
  • Aqseptence Group – Dairy Farm Waste Reduction and Water Reuse