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Sigma Design’s patented automated filtration systems provide security for process systems that require fine filtration that are also affected by variable TSS and hiPre-Filter System for R/O and Membrane Protection gh solids loading (i.e., unexpected increases in normal TSS solids caused by storms and/or system upsets). 

Benefits of a Self-Cleaning Prefilter for Long-Life Cartridge Filters

What differentiates it from other “self-cleaning backwash filters” is the ability to manage TSS above 500+ ppm. A patented internal mechanical cleaning mechanism spins off tip vortices, creating a unique hydrodynamic agitation that more effectively keeps the filter clean while maintaining a constant differential pressure across the filter. This keeps the filters online and working where other filters overload and fail. Sigma’s filters automatically manage upset conditions as high as 15,000 ppm without needing operator assistance. In multi-filter processes, Our Filter Systems are the best first line of defense. These innovative filters and control systems provide end users peace of mind.

Pre R/O Filter Cutsheet

Applications of Self-Cleaning Automatic Pre-Filters

Using self-cleaning automatic pre-filters to protect microfilter cartridge filters is a common practice in various industries and applications for several important reasons:

Extend Filter Life: Microfilter cartridge filters are typically designed to capture fine particles, but they can become clogged relatively quickly when exposed to large volumes of dirt, debris, or coarse contaminants. Self-cleaning pre-filters remove larger particles before they reach the microfilter, thus extending the life of the more expensive microfilter cartridges.

Reduce Maintenance Costs: By preventing larger particles from entering the microfilter, pre-filters help reduce the frequency of filter replacements and maintenance. This leads to cost savings in terms of replacement filter cartridges and labor.

Improve Filtration Efficiency: When microfilters are used without pre-filters, they can become clogged and less efficient over time. Pre-filters maintain the microfilter’s effectiveness by removing larger particles upstream, ensuring it operates at its designed efficiency level.

Optimize System Performance: Maintaining a clean and efficient filtration system is crucial for many industrial processes, such as water treatment, automotive manufacturing, and pharmaceutical production. Pre-filters help optimize the overall performance of the filtration system, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Reduce Downtime: Self-cleaning pre-filters can automatically remove accumulated debris without manual intervention. This minimizes system downtime and ensures continuous operation in applications where filtration is critical.

Protect Sensitive Equipment: In applications where microfilters protect sensitive equipment or processes, pre-filters play a vital role in preventing damage or contamination. This is particularly important in industries like electronics manufacturing or pharmaceuticals.

Improve Filtrate Quality: Pre-filters can significantly enhance the quality of the filtrate by removing large contaminants that could compromise the final product. This is essential in industries where product quality and purity are paramount.

Environmental Considerations: Reducing the frequency of filter cartridge replacements not only saves costs but also reduces the environmental impact associated with the disposal of used cartridges.

Reverse Osmosis Filter Product Specification Drawing

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Prefilters for Wastewater Treatment by Sigma Design Company 

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