Industrial Water and Filtration Systems

Sigma Design Company has deep experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing systems for industrial water and filtration. Since 1999, our work within this industry has encompassed filtration devices and media selection for solid/liquid separation, flow analysis and modeling, industrial filtration systems and water treatment systems, filter component design and commercialization, filter housings (ASME VIII), and more.

Our experienced filtration engineers have expertise in filtration separation solutions and understand process limitations. Using advanced design tools and 3D visualization of fluid flow profiles, we are able to uncover and remedy non-obvious, counter-intuitive design flaws.

Learn more about the different types of industrial filtration systems, their benefits, and Sigma Design’s capabilities below. 

Types of Industrial Filtration Systems

There are four main types of industrial filtration systems:

  • Raw Water Treatment Systems: Raw water treatment systems are often used as a means of pre-treatment, which aims to improve the efficiency and performance of a particular application. Raw water treatment protects downstream equipment from fouling, corrosion, scaling, and other forms of wear by removing contaminants from the source water. Examples of contaminants include bacteria, iron, silica/colloidal silica, suspended/colloidal solids, and hardness.
  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems: These types of treatment systems are designed to protect cooling towers from contaminants such as chlorides, iron, and sulfates. The system first adds makeup water to replace what was lost from evaporation and leaks. The solution then goes through several steps of filtration to remove contaminants. A membrane softener or softening resin reduces hardness. The last step involves additional filtration and adding chemicals to remove lingering contaminants.
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems: Wastewater treatment systems are designed to treat wastewater so that it can be reused or discharged as effluent to a municipal treatment facility or the environment. Contaminants in a waste stream can vary greatly. Most systems treat for nitrates, pathogens, phosphates, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), metals, TDS, TSS, and synthetic chemicals. 

Benefits of Industrial Water Filtration Systems

Reliable industrial water filtration systems offer many advantages:

  • Improved Treatment Efficiency: When used as pre-treatment, industrial water filtration systems can increase the efficiency of downstream equipment by minimizing the concentration of turbidity and suspended solids. When used as polishing, industrial water filtration removes any remaining contaminants following upstream treatments. 
  • Reduction of Suspended Solids: Most industrial water filtration systems are designed to minimize the volume of suspended solids and turbidity found in a source water stream. Filtering is an excellent way to reduce the burden on downstream processing systems. 
  • Reduction of Other Contaminants: Depending on the approach, filtration systems can do more than just minimize suspended particles or turbidity. Additional features may allow filtration systems to remove particulates such as trace metals, volatile chemical compounds, ammonia, manganese, iron, and more. 
  • Reduced Equipment Upkeep: Operating at full efficiency, an industrial filtration system can lighten the load for downstream treatment. By removing most suspended solids and harmful contaminants, downstream equipment will experience less wear. This reduces the equipment’s maintenance needs and saves your facility time and money. 

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Industrial Water and Filtration Systems

Our Industrial Water Filtration System Capabilities

When needed, we can provide a consultative approach to help clients along every phase of building a new filtration system. This includes designing, 3D modeling, testing, prototyping, and manufacturing. 

Our experience and capabilities in industrial filtration and water treatment include:

  • Design/build an arsenic removal pump and treatment system (MEI)
  • Design/build an in-situ water analysis system (Well Tech Environmental)
  • Design/build a pilot automatic filtration system for the CVNX Desalination Systems (U.S. Navy)
  • Develop testing systems to evaluate desalination equipment on naval vessels (U.S. Navy)
  • Design/build a complete automatic filtration and separation product line (Spiral Water Technologies)
  • Design/build Nutrient Dosing System for Vertical Farms (Crop One)
  • Develop a patented centrifugal separator with an ultraviolet disinfection system (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences)
  • Design cooling water filters for zebra mussel control at the Hoover Dam and Parker Dam (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation)

Industrial Water and Filtration Systems

Since 1999, Sigma Design has delivered over 1,000 successful products and solutions to clients in diverse industries, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars on manufacturing. Our expertise and dedication to excellence have allowed us to work with global brands, prestigious universities, and national governments. Our industrial water filtration and treatment systems utilize the latest in water technology to meet your project’s exact needs.

If you have any questions about our capabilities, contact us today. 

Having this information available makes the filter selection process easy.

What is the fluid to be filtered? Concentration? Viscosity?
What is the maximum operating temperature?
What is the flow rate? Maximum pressure?
What size particulate is to be removed? Solid, gels, uniform, irregular?
Do you have a particle size analysis?
Is it for a batch or a continuous process?
Are there preferred materials of construction?
What are the maximum allowable clean and dirty differential pressures?
ASME Code or non-code?
Let Sigma design/build the correct filter system for your application

For more information on Sigma’s work in filtration and separation, please contact us