Customer: Spiral Water Technologies, Inc.
Industry: Advanced Filtration and Non-Hazardous Wastewater Treatment

Sigma designs turnkey high solids filtration system for Spiral Water
The HSWR System is a turnkey high solids filtration system that can receive high solids loaded process water with TSS greater than 15,000 ppm. Depending on the process, the HSWR using a Spiral Water 20 micron automatic filter significantly reduces the TSS and BOD 50%-75%. The system is controlled and monitored by a single control panel with an enhanced user interface HMI. The HSWR System utilizes a combination of high solids separation equipment matched with standard T-1000 filters from Spiral Water Technologies (also developed by SIGMA for Spiral Water). The Spiral Water filters high solids application enables end-users to obtain TSS solids removal below 75um.

Services Performed:
Concept development, water purification system design, testing protocol, controls, sensors, electronics, complete fabrication including all controls, PLC/HMI, pipe and filter vessel welding, machining, validation and testing.

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