Culinary Appliances

Sigma Design Company, LLC offers food-safe culinary systems and products to support the food and beverage industry. Our dedicated team handles everything from product design and optimization to manufacturing and testing, providing innovative process equipment and product development services in-house. We bring over 20 years of expertise to every project, with extensive experience working with food processing machinery, electrical housewares, water filtration and water processing equipment, portable appliances, commercial and household cooking appliances, analytical appliances, testing equipment, and much more.

Culinary Appliance Design Services

As a one-stop shop for the entirety of a product’s development, Sigma offers a comprehensive range of services. Our food industry design capabilities include engineering, design and cost analysis, prototyping, photo-realistic simulation, and electronics, as well as manufacturing for low-volume, specialized runs in the hundreds or larger production runs to best serve your unique needs. We also have experience getting food equipment NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified.

Design Engineering

Our engineers work closely with our designers from the very first steps of the design process, collaborating on product ideation and brainstorming to develop creative, high-performance solutions.

Design and Cost Analysis

During the product development phase, we consider important factors like materials, hygienic design, manufacturing processes, design functionality and intent, and cost. We’re always looking for ways to optimize your product through technological advancements and design modifications, with a focus on increased production efficiency and cost savings


Sigma offers proof-of-concept and engineering prototypes. Proof-of-concept prototypes confirm a design’s feasibility while engineering prototypes help verify or disprove expected performance and concepts. Our team utilizes rapid prototyping technology, along with advancements in engineering and simulations, to reduce time to market and associated development risks and expenditures.

Photo-Realistic Simulation

Product visualization is crucial for providing an in-context look at concepts and highlighting product features. At Sigma, our photo-realistic renderings help evaluate for engineering-versus-cost considerations.

We examine systems and products currently in development in addition to developing new engineering solutions. Our team uses computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis tools to do so, including deflection, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), simulations for fluid flow and heat transfer, and structural stress. These advanced tools enable us to identify any hidden flaws within a design early on.

Sigma’s engineers also have extensive experience with:

  • FDA: 4.5 CFR 21 Section 110 [Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)]
  • NSF 2: Food Equipment
  • NSF 42, 53, 61: Drinking Water Systems
  • NSF 18: Manual Food and Beverage Dispensing Equipment
  • NSF 7: Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
  • NSF 8: Commercial Powered Food Preparation Equipment
  • ServSafe® Food Safety Training
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Regulations and Methods

Our Past Projects

Some of our past clients that may be of interest to your industry include:

  • Nutrisystems
  • Frigidaire
  • Food Network
  • Whirlpool
  • Bosch
  • CUNO 3M

The following are examples of our experience working with small business product development:

Burner Knob to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Matthew Porraro of Burner Alert approached Sigma with an idea for kitchen fire prevention. Porraro’s invention, a plastic disc attachment for stove knobs, lights up when a burner is in operation. We optimized this initial design and prototype, incorporating light circuitry and an audible alarm.

Mobile Water Cart

WaterStop Carts CEO Nan Harris sought our assistance in developing a technological advancement for mobile water distribution. The company’s mobile carts are water filtering units that process municipal, reclaimed, recycled, and desalinated water, giving it purity levels and taste akin to bottled water. We helped with technology development and testing, electrical power and control design, and food safety reviews.

International Design-Winning Mechanical Butter Churn

Sigma produced a mechanical butter churn design for Churncraft LLC, retaining the device’s original charm while modernizing it with a sleek, skillfully engineered design for optimal performance. We created concept layouts and simulations, reviewing ergonomics and material options before creating a detailed part design.

Warming Tray Prototype Analysis

A company in New Jersey partnered with us to evaluate their prototype for a warming tray design. Reviewing the control circuit and heater element, our team performed a heat power analysis and thermal FEA to validate the design concept and ensure food safety.

Industrial Design and Consumer Prototypes:

  • Tap water sterilizer
  • Commercial food can opener
  • UV + Carbon water sterilizer
  • Liquid juice dispenser

Commercial and Industrial Food Process Equipment:

  • Milk homogenizer
  • Liquid filling system with spin weld cap technology
  • Liquid mixing device
  • Process heaters

Learn More About Food Industry Design

Whether you need to design small Sigma kitchen appliances or are working on a complex process system, Sigma Design Company can develop an innovative, cost-saving solution.

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Our industry-leading services minimize the risks associated with product development and identify ways to boost operational efficiency. To learn how we can help with your next project, contact us today.