Sigma Design develops creative design solutions for our customers by facilitating the production of new products. We also provide specialty equipment to allow for efficient production.

Specifically, we develop high-performance assemblies, builds, and test projects for manufacturing customers requiring precision-engineered solutions. Our custom machine manufacturing processes help lower manufacturing costs for our customers by minimizing the number of parts used, weight, and the risk of design errors.

Benefits of Custom Manufacturing Equipment

One of the main advantages of custom manufacturing solutions is increased performance and efficiency. Custom equipment enables continuous operation without the fatigue experienced in manual work.

Machinery can also handle mundane and repetitive tasks that can easily trip up employees. Our high-performance equipment will allow you to realize new efficiencies in daily processes and focus manpower on other aspects of production.

Types of Custom Manufacturing Equipment We Design & Build

Based on your operational needs, our custom machine manufacturers can design and build a variety of equipment, including the following:

Assembly Machines

With the help of automated assembly lines, manufacturers can eliminate the need for human operation and maintain consistently efficient processes. As a result, companies can keep up with fluctuating demand and use automated process sequences to keep parts moving through production.

Industrial Test Systems

Manufacturing processes also often use industrial test systems with electronic products. These systems assess functionality and optimize performance throughout the production, maintenance, and assembly stages.

Specialty Industrial Appliances

We also offer specialty industrial appliances for food and beverage processing and manufacturing, including various culinary products with food-grade parts. We can handle everything from cover product design and manufacturing to testing and optimization, tailoring our innovative product development services and equipment to support your unique project goals.

Specialty Manufacturing Equipment

Sigma Design is the one-stop shop for those requiring specialty manufacturing and engineered products. We have over two decades of experience developing top-quality solutions for a range of applications, and our solutions support all types of equipment.

We will work to ensure customers get the equipment they need to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Custom Assembly Workstations

We also offer custom workstations with interchangeable tooling that can function as base stations. Numerous technologies can be integrated into one workstation for optimum flexibility and versatility.

Industries Served

We serve customers across many industries, providing custom solutions based on their unique application needs. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Clean energy
  • Health and life sciences
  • Ag-tech and food processing
  • Industrial filtration and water processing
  • Culinary appliance manufacturing

Quality Custom Equipment Manufactured by Sigma Design

Sigma Design is a leading provider of custom machine manufacturing services for customers across sectors, including top international brands.

We’ll work with you to determine your precise budget and stay on schedule, providing you with a fully customized solution. Our innovative approach to manufacturing has helped thousands of customers find cost-effective ways to transform their operations.

Want to learn more about our capabilities and the many projects we can complete? Contact us today, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our professionals to discuss a solution that’s right for you.