What is Turnkey Engineering?

As an experienced provider of turnkey industrial engineering services, Sigma Design handles everything a project needs to succeed. With turnkey solutions, your entire project is handled by one trusted provider, from start to finish, with no third parties required. The product you receive is completely ready for use, without needing any additional finishing.

On this page, you can learn more about the unique benefits that turnkey engineering, design, and simulation services provide, as well as our full product development process.

Benefits of Turnkey Engineering Solutions

Many industries require a large number of precision components, produced quickly. Yet, companies do not always specialize in manufacturing each type of part they require. They may lack the equipment needed to fabricate each component. As a result, it’s common to outsource the production of certain parts. This strategy, however, presents challenges.

Outsourcing certain parts to third-party vendors causes lengthier production times, can result in more fabrication errors, and can be complicated to organize. For instance, when a product is designed at one place and manufactured at another, certain design features or requirements might be missed that would have otherwise been caught by the original design team.

Turnkey engineering services are the solution to these issues. With turnkey engineering, instead of outsourcing a few components, your product will be fully built by an experienced expert. Designing, fabricating, manufacturing, building, and testing products under one roof helps to minimize errors and wasted time that results from them.

Our Product Development Process

At Sigma Design, our product development services include everything your project needs to succeed, including expert engineering and design, quality manufacturing, and build-to-print services.

Our Product Development Process

Engineering, Design, and Drafting

Our advanced engineering and design services include everything from new product development to simulations and rapid prototyping. Our team can optimize your product design to reduce speed to market, lower production costs, and reduce risk. Our services include:

  • Machine and complex mechanism design
  • 3D modeling
  • CAD drawings
  • Stress analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Flow analysis
  • Patent support
  • Geometric tolerances
  • Manufacturing drawings

Manufacturing Services

At Sigma Design, we offer comprehensive in-house manufacturing services for any type of product, whether we’ve designed and developed it, or if it’s brought to us later in the development cycle.

Build-to-Print Services

For clients who already have a proven product design, our build-to-print services allow you to move straight to production. This is the ideal solution for those looking for ways to increase their production capacity or quickly adapt to growing product demand.

The Different Stages in the Product Development Cycle

Our product development cycle involves three stages: a preliminary investigation phase, followed by technical feasibility and design development.

1. Concept Stage: Preliminary Investigation

During the concept stage of product development, our team will review your product concept description. You can send us written instructions or sketches. Using this information, we will identify a preliminary goal and then develop a 3D model concept with defined geometry. Our 3D model will allow you to clearly understand your product’s final look. We will then form a preliminary manufacturing quote.

2. Technical Feasibility Stage

Next, we conduct preliminary product design using the concept we previously developed. During this stage, we will incorporate any new ideas or desired modifications and create a detailed manufacturing drawing. We’ll then identify any potential safety issues and all relevant industry specifications your product must adhere to.

3. Developmental Stage

After developing the first prototype, we reach the developmental stage of the product development cycle. This involves refining and then releasing final drawings and bills of material, based on information obtained during the prototype review. Finally, we define the production quantity and manufacturing processes that will be used for production.

Industries Served

Using our state-of-the-art 20,000 sq. ft. facility, we develop innovative and cost-effective manufacturing solutions for clients throughout numerous demanding industries, including:

Ag-Tech & Food Processing

Sigma Design has a long history of serving multinational food and beverage companies. Our solutions for this industry range from nutrient dosing systems to indoor hydroponic farms. We have in-depth experience creating fluid handling systems for many industries. The nutrient and dosing systems we develop are well-packaged and engineered to easily fit within our client’s facilities. Whether you’re looking for build-to-print services, specialized low-volume manufacturing, or a large manufacturing run, our team can assist you.

Clean Energy

Signma Design meets the needs of the clean energy industry by developing reliable power supplies that improve long-term energy security. Our services meet the needs of the entire energy product development cycle, including design and cost analysis services, photo-realistic simulations, and low- to high-volume manufacturing runs. We accelerate time to market while minimizing the risks associated with product development.

Health & Life Sciences

We design, refine, and manufacture a diverse range of health and life science-related components, including analytical tools and test systems. Our experienced team transforms our customer’s visions into reality. Our past work for these industries includes improving existing products, investing in ground-breaking medical devices, and designing test systems that improve patient’s lives. Whether your project involves complex geometry, specialty mechanisms, or other challenges, we can create a solution that adheres to all relevant industry regulations.

Industrial Water and Filtration Systems

Since 1999, Sigma Design has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing reliable industrial water and filtration systems. We’ve produced filtration devices, media selection tools for solid and liquid separation, flow analysis and modeling solutions, industrial water treatment systems, and much more. Our solutions adhere to industry regulations and ensure a long service life. Whether you need a solution for raw water treatment, cooling tower water treatment, or wastewater treatment systems, we understand your industry’s requirements and can help you develop an ideal solution.

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Turnkey Engineering & Design by Sigma Design Company

Sigma Design’s industrial engineering services meet the needs of highly demanding applications. With over 25 years of experience offering turnkey services, our team can improve your product’s design, streamline your manufacturing processes, and meet your need for cost-effective, expertly crafted products.

Throughout each state in our turnkey engineering services, we provide deliverables designed to optimize your control over your project. You can rely on our team to provide innovative, highly effective solutions that meet your budget and timeline requirements. To get started, contact us today.

Did You Know?

Over 50% of most new product development projects fail. Sigma’s experienced team uses advanced engineering, simulation and rapid prototyping to successfully reduce risks and costs associated with failures.