Customer: Global Fortune 100 Medical Device Manufacturer
Industry: Health and Life Sciences

Sigma Design Selected to Develop New Concept in Wound Care Device Manufacturing
When a global medical device manufacturer needed help with advanced engineering and design, they reached out to Sigma Design. The 3-year program started within the realm of an R&D investigative program. Concepts trials and tests were performed to help validate the process and develop a manufacturable solution.

From start to finish Team Sigma worked with the R&D and company manufacturing teams from around the world to fine tune the solution for each location.

In the end, the program was a big success, and these workstations are being installed at medical device manufacturing sites worldwide.

Services Performed: Concept development, advanced engineering simulation and analysis, concept testing, detail design, material selection, ergonomics, safety, automation & controls, sensors, electronics, welding, machining and fabrication, pilot validation and testing. Followed by a large manufacturing order for production systems.

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