Odds are, if you’re exploring technological approaches to an agricultural problem, others are facing the same difficulty. The challenge, however, is turning an answer to that issue into a product or system that works as expected and is practical to produce and implement. Designing and manufacturing a successful Ag-Tech solution can result in improvements in efficiency, productivity, safety, and more. Partnering with an experienced product design and development team throughout the process can help ensure a robust, fully functional, cost-effective product or system that meets or exceeds your requirements and solves a common problem.

Choose the Right Technology

Ag-Tech products embrace the application of new techniques and materials with existing technologies to create innovative approaches to both ongoing and newly identified problems in agricultural environments. Each resulting product will depend on the problem it solves and the available tools, systems, hardware, software, equipment, technology, and implementation environments through which it must work. Many solutions can be grouped into larger categories of technologies, which include the following:

  • Biotechnology: Genetic engineering and traditional techniques to modify crop and livestock breeding and growth
  • Software, Robotics, and Mechanization: Data gathering, farm management, drones, automation, and other processes for gathering and using data and utilizing computerized systems for agricultural purposes
  • Bioenergy, Biomaterials, and New Approaches to Farming: Biomass operations, cannabis production, aquaculture, and non-traditional product farming
  • Supply Chain and Marketplace Innovations: Food processing, transport, and logistics improvements, purchasing, selling, and trading opportunities, and online activities

Concept Stage: Preliminary Investigation

Understanding the product development process can help ensure better designs, reduced costs, and more satisfaction throughout the process and with the final results. Our contribution to the Ag-Tech process begins with your idea. Whether you have a full-fledged design, a rough sketch, a verbal description, or some combination of those, we will work with you to render a 3D model of it. This visualization of your concept offers opportunities to explore such aspects as:

  • Feasibility: Addressing such concerns as whether the concept is workable, what materials and fabrication techniques are needed, and whether its production is cost-effective.
  • Suitability: Investigating whether a product is a reasonable solution to the problem it is designed to solve.
  • Quality and Functionality: Checking whether the product or system will work as intended, and what modifications or additional features might add value and capabilities

Based on this information, we can determine preliminary manufacturing costs for your product. We then present the 3D modeling, material selection, cost information, and manufacturing details to you for review.

Technical Feasibility Stage

Any time a concept is brought to life, a variety of challenges and obstacles exist between that idea and its actualization. We work closely with you from idea through delivery to overcome such concerns as:

  • Design modifications
  • Added, adjusted, or eliminated functionality
  • Compliance with health, safety, and industry requirements and regulations
  • Costs of materials
  • Costs of manufacturing, including labor and assembly
  • Delivery and logistics concerns
  • Market forecasting
  • Setting manufacturing production schedules to meet your needs

Manufacturing Stage

Upon approval, your Ag-Tech product enters the manufacturing phase which includes production, inspection, testing, and monitoring to ensure your design’s approved standards of quality and functionality are met. Once your manufactured products meet your specific design requirements, they undergo a final inspection and any accompanying materials, such as warranties, manuals, and other documentation are finalized. At last, these materials and your finished products are delivered or distributed to you.

From your initial contact with us through final delivery, our goals are always to communicate clearly and collaborate fully with you during the entire process. This way, we ensure our processes and procedures fulfill your product objectives.

Ag-Tech System Design Tips From Sigma Design Co.

At Sigma Design Co., our extensive experience and knowledgeable teams combined with our well-equipped design, engineering, and manufacturing facilities ensure your Ag-Tech products and ideas can be realized in ways that meet or exceed your requirements and satisfy your project timeline in the most cost-effective way possible. With one-stop product development solutions to bring your concept to life, we offer the robust, convenient design and manufacturing services your product deserves. Contact us today to learn more about our full capabilities or to request a quote for your next project.