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Hydraulic Power Systems

Customer: NAVSEA
Industry: Industrial Power Systems

Sigma Design supports U.S. Navy shipboard defense systems
Sigma was very excited to work on another project with the U.S. Navy. Talk about a project in ‘our wheelhouse’ as they say. Jerry Lynch, a ‘tin can sailor’ who served as a destroyer GMG2 gunner was thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this special project supporting shipboard defense systems for Navy operations.
Michael Collins, the lead engineer on the NAVSEA project worked for the U.S. Navy in Philadelphia before coming to Sigma. This project requires the creative design of safety features while providing 50% more power through their hydraulic power supply system. With operating pressures in excess of 3000 psi, the pressure compensation and hydraulic shock suppression systems were key features in the new design. This HPU joins the growing roster of Sigma’s products designed and built in NJ. Sigma is proud to have the opportunity to work with the Navy to improve operational shipboard defense systems used around the globe but made in NJ.

Services Performed System engineering, detail design, CAD drafting, electronics, welding services, machining and fabrication, testing & start-up, system training, and on-site validation.

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Giving a Wire Weaving Company a Competitive Edge

Customer: Unique Wire Weaving Company, INC
Industry: Industrial Machinery

Sigma Design Company Unravels Equipment Challenges for a US Wire Weaving Company.
An industrial company in business since 1946 knew it needed to boost its productivity in order to continue production in the USA. The company came to Sigma Design to convert their original wire weaving machinery to increase production speed and also broaden the uses of the equipment. Sigma developed and built a modified loom and new wire feed system and drive train assembly to successfully meet those goals. A doubling of production speed and output using the same machine footprint was exactly what the customer envisioned. That experience, and keeping manufacturing and jobs in the US drives much of the engineering design and manufacturing work done at Sigma Design Company.

Sigma manufactured the machinery upgrade.

Services Performed: Field engineering, concept analysis, load simulation, machine design, detail design drawings, electronic controls, fabrication, manufacturing and testing.

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Test System Design/Build

Customer: The Egyptian Army
Industry: Filtration and Filter Testing

Verifying the Quality of After Market Filters
Sigma Designs Fuel Filter Testing Systems for Desert Vehicles

Imagine your car breaking down on the turnpike. Now imagine a similar breakdown but this time you are in a military vehicle in the desert during a critical mission. The clogging of a diesel fuel filter can be a real setback in such circumstances. Sigma Design Company was hired to develop and fabricate a state-of-the-art Fuel Filtration Testing System that tests diesel fuel filters for efficiency and dirt holding and retention capacity for mission critical vehicles to be used by the Egyptian Army. Sigma was selected due to their special expertise in applied engineering and the filtration of all types of substances – such as soil, water, blood and other fluids. Parts were designed in-house and then assembled in Sigma’s 20,000 square-foot Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center.

Sigma is also the manufacturer of the test system.

Services Performed: Machine design, test systems development, welding services, machining and fabrication, testing and validation.

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