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Understanding Wave energy and Oil Spill Management

Customer: Ohmsett National Oil Spill Response & Research Renewable Energy Test Facility
Industry: Marine

OK to Make Waves: Understanding Wave energy and Oil Spill Management made easier with a new test platform
A national renewable energy test site was looking to upgrade its facility. The site is the largest outdoor saltwater wave/tow facility in North America. Sigma Design Company was awarded the engineering design contract to design and manage the construction of the new test platform. Advanced engineering analysis expertise was needed for this job. The design challenges were to develop a larger test structure that was safer and easier to use. Quicker operational setups that reduced the overall weight, and increased operational test load capacity were the goals of this project. Sigma analyzed, designed and managed every part of the new testing system using 3D design software, FEA structural analysis methods and years of solid mechanical engineering competencies to make this project a success.

Sigma developed the system and provided construction and installation management.

Services Performed:
Design concepts, structural analysis, FEA simulation, detailed welded fabrication design, filed engineering, welding services, engineering consulting, overseeing all testing & manufacture.

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75 Ton Travelling Boat Hoist Improves Yard Capacity

Customer: ACME Hoist, NY
Industry: Marine and Shipbuilding

Travelling Boat Hoists Enable Better Boat Yard Management
Sigma Design was approached by Acme Hoist to help them extend their product line of large boat hoists. Acme Hoist is a family run business and had been manufacturing boat hoists on Long Island for over 50 years. Improving the steering profiles to allow tight radius cornering and other operator/user features provided better handling in the tight space of a busy boat yard. Creating a new 50 Ton and 75 Ton hoist enabled Acme to better compete with the larger global competitors.

Services Performed:
Concept layouts, structural load analysis and simulation, detail system design, welding fabrication and manufacturing shop drawings.