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Assisting Drug Discovery

Customer: Inventor
Industry: Medical Devices

The Behavioral Spectrometer is a humane device that captures everything a research mouse does without having to watch and score hours of video recordings. Sigma designed, tested and manufactures this ‘mouse house’ in its New Product Manufacturing Center. The job required advanced engineering analysis and skills to incorporate LED lighting, vibrations sensors, and isolation dampers. It has the capability of using advanced video and vibration analysis to record the most detailed description of mouse behavior ever.

This product has met with huge success in the research and pharmaceutical world including Rutgers University’s Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology, Pfizer, and other global R&D laboratories for the development of new treatments and drugs. Additional systems have recently been shipped to a R&D laboratory in Austria.

Services Performed: Electronic/mechanical advanced engineering

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Pharmaceutical Process Products

Customer: Amesil, NJ
Industry: Pharmaceutical Process Products

Developing Medical Quick Clamps That Don’t Fail – Pharma Hose Clamp Analysis
Developing plastic clamps that are user friendly and reduce finger and wrist fatigue is not as simple as it seems. A major clamp and tubing manufacturer was having problems with product failures and needed a remedy. Medical personnel clamp and unclamp hoses dozens of times per day and the new design needed to be comfortable as well as durable. Sigma Design was brought in to review and analyze the parts for a new clamp design that would eliminate failures in the field and also have the feel and control needed. These new parts were made to be manufacturing smart injection molded.

Services Performed: Medical device product development, computational plastic stress analysis, design for manufacturing, material selection, 3D rapid prototyping

Building a Better Tissue Embedder

Customer: Life Science Systems Manufacturer
Industry: Medical Devices

Industrial Design Produces Ergonomic Instruments
Sigma Design Company designs and builds a device for Tissue Analysis

A company was looking for a new tissue embedder and cryo system with unique features and capabilities. When Sigma Design Company took on the job they got all of that in a sleek and user-friendly design. Using photo realistic imaging and paraffin flow modeling in SolidWorks™, the designers analyzed various layouts and the human factors. These variables were meticulously checked in 3D prior to prototyping. All prototyping housing components were made in-house using Sigma’s 3D FDM printer.

Services Performed: Concept development, photo realistic simulation, detail design, electronics, product development, prototype manufacturing & testing.

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Color Accuracy Device

Customer: Datacolor, NJ
Industry: Retail Products

The Color You See is the Color You Get – Color Accuracy Device

Photographers, artists and other creative professionals must be able to maintain a high degree of color accuracy in their designs. This includes image capturing, digital editing and printing. Sigma Design has worked with Gordon Randal Perry Design (GRPD) in New York City on numerous projects over the past 20 years. On this specific project the client needed a unique and ergonomic new shape and form for their proprietary color analyzing system. GRPD developed the shape and human form factors and Sigma Design took the sketches developed detail parts and an assembly suitable for injection molding mass production. Sigma developed the final assembly including all part geometries and 3D printed a functional prototype for client review. We then developed a complete design package including a set of detailed manufacturing drawings for production.

The Spyder3Pro was the third generation colorimeter with new state-of-the-art optical design and photo-centric user interface providing accurate, reliable and consistent color.

Services Performed: New Product Development, Human factors, Design for Manufacturing, Material Selection, Injection Molded Design, and 3D Printed Prototypes.

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