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Sigma Design helps out in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Customer: SGS Testing Laboratories
Industry: Health and Life Science

Test Stand for Face Masks
In response to an uptick in requests fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, a testing laboratory asked Sigma Design Company to design and manufacture a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (B.F.E) test stand to measure a face masks efficiency at removing virus particulates from the air. Based upon two standards, ASTM F2101-19 and EN 14683:2019+AC, Sigma designed and built an automatically controlled test stand consisting of a control panel, hmi, filter apparatus, and test stand base upon which a commercially sourced lab hood was placed. Working with the standards and customers expert knowledge, Sigma sourced and created custom unique components of a high laboratory cleanliness to create the testing apparatus.

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Medical Device Semi-Automatic Assembly Workstation

Customer: Global Fortune 100 Medical Device Manufacturer
Industry: Health and Life Sciences

Sigma Design Selected to Develop New Concept in Wound Care Device Manufacturing
When a global medical device manufacturer needed help with advanced engineering and design, they reached out to Sigma Design. The 3-year program started within the realm of an R&D investigative program. Concepts trials and tests were performed to help validate the process and develop a manufacturable solution.

From start to finish Team Sigma worked with the R&D and company manufacturing teams from around the world to fine tune the solution for each location.

In the end, the program was a big success, and these workstations are being installed at medical device manufacturing sites worldwide.

Services Performed: Concept development, advanced engineering simulation and analysis, concept testing, detail design, material selection, ergonomics, safety, automation & controls, sensors, electronics, welding, machining and fabrication, pilot validation and testing. Followed by a large manufacturing order for production systems.

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Assisting Drug Discovery

Customer: Inventor
Industry: Medical Devices

The Behavioral Spectrometer is a humane device that captures everything a research mouse does without having to watch and score hours of video recordings. Sigma designed, tested and manufactures this ‘mouse house’ in its New Product Manufacturing Center. The job required advanced engineering analysis and skills to incorporate LED lighting, vibrations sensors, and isolation dampers. It has the capability of using advanced video and vibration analysis to record the most detailed description of mouse behavior ever.

This product has met with huge success in the research and pharmaceutical world including Rutgers University’s Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology, Pfizer, and other global R&D laboratories for the development of new treatments and drugs. Additional systems have recently been shipped to a R&D laboratory in Austria.

Services Performed: Electronic/mechanical advanced engineering

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Building a Better Tissue Embedder

Customer: Life Science Systems Manufacturer
Industry: Medical Devices

Industrial Design Produces Ergonomic Instruments
Sigma Design Company designs and builds a device for Tissue Analysis

A company was looking for a new tissue embedder and cryo system with unique features and capabilities. When Sigma Design Company took on the job they got all of that in a sleek and user-friendly design. Using photo realistic imaging and paraffin flow modeling in SolidWorks™, the designers analyzed various layouts and the human factors. These variables were meticulously checked in 3D prior to prototyping. All prototyping housing components were made in-house using Sigma’s 3D FDM printer.

Services Performed: Concept development, photo realistic simulation, detail design, electronics, product development, prototype manufacturing & testing.

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New Design for the French Press G-M™

Customer: Glen Mills, Inc. NJ

Industry: Medical Laboratory Devices

Sub Heading: Sigma Design Company improves the design of a medical device to improve cell culture and tissue engineering capabilities for laboratories.

Sigma Design Company can be your partner in not only design but also in the manufacture of your new product. Consider the story behind the Glen Mills/Zellwerk Z®RP Reactor System” – a cell disruptor and high-pressure homogenizer. With the discontinuation of their previous French Press manufacturer’s production, Glenn Mills Inc. needed to find a company that could redesign and manufacture the French Press directly for them. They found this in Sigma Design Company. Working with the original design, which was based on a 60 year old medical device, Sigma reverse engineered and redesigned the machine to have more features, better aesthetics, and compatibility with all of the older system’s accessories. This new design incorporated many of the skills Sigma excels at including: tight tolerance machine components, hydraulics, circuit board design, material properties and finishes. With a newly designed product, Sigma Design Company manufactures and assembles these units in our NJ facility, providing immediate customer support, and a short lead time to our customers.

Sigma is also the manufacturer of the French Press G-M™