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Turnkey Water Treatment System for Water Recovery and Reuse

Customer: Spiral Water Technologies, Inc.
Industry: Advanced Filtration and Non-Hazardous Wastewater Treatment

Sigma designs turnkey high solids filtration system for Spiral Water
The HSWR System is a turnkey high solids filtration system that can receive high solids loaded process water with TSS greater than 15,000 ppm. Depending on the process, the HSWR using a Spiral Water 20 micron automatic filter significantly reduces the TSS and BOD 50%-75%. The system is controlled and monitored by a single control panel with an enhanced user interface HMI. The HSWR System utilizes a combination of high solids separation equipment matched with standard T-1000 filters from Spiral Water Technologies (also developed by SIGMA for Spiral Water). The Spiral Water filters high solids application enables end-users to obtain TSS solids removal below 75um.

Services Performed:
Concept development, water purification system design, testing protocol, controls, sensors, electronics, complete fabrication including all controls, PLC/HMI, pipe and filter vessel welding, machining, validation and testing.

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An Environmentally Sustainable Solution

Customer: Maritime Solutions, Inc. and The Maritime Administration
Industry: Marine Environmental

Development and Testing of Early Shipboard Ballast Water Treatment Systems
Working with the University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Sciences, Sigma developed a new, and now patented centrifugal separator and ultraviolet disinfection system. The separator removes invasive aquatic species from ships’ ballast water, therefore preventing the introduction of destructive organisms into US waters. The system was developed and manufactured in NJ and installed aboard the M/V CAPE MAY at South Locust Point Marine Terminal in Baltimore, MD.

Services Performed:
Product development services, concepts, FEA analysis, CFD flow simulation, fabrication design, electronics design, PLC programming, pilot & test.

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Mobile Filtration Laboratory

Customer: U.S. Navy
Industry: Water Treatment

Sigma Designs a Mobile Filtration Laboratory Developed for the U.S. Navy
To support the development of improved U.S. Navy shipboard desalination systems, several filtration devices were selected for evaluation and testing. In order to complete the evaluation a portable filtration test system was required. It included a contaminate injection system, contaminate mixing tank, seawater supply pump, filtrate headers with baseline filters for comparison, backwash/underflow headers, backwash/underflow cleanup filters, all piping, sample lines, valves, hoses, couplings, filtration component foundations, flow meters, and thermometers. Phase 1 of the testing evaluated and ranked the filtration components in a controlled laboratory environment. Phase II was an endurance-type test performed on filtration components at selected coastal sites. Sigma was able to then give the test results to the U.S. Navy, which provided essential data for the program.

Services Performed:
Water purification system development, testing protocol, detail design, controls, sensors, electronics, welding services, machining and fabrication, validation and testing.



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Engine Filter Housing Analysis

Customer: Global Filter Manufacturer
Industry: Automotive Filtration
Sub Heading: Sigma Design Company’s advanced engineering skills and experience using analytical software uncovered problem areas to save a client time and money.

Engine Filter Housing Analysis.
A globally known filter manufacturer had a fast-paced program and needed help to reduce their test program time. Starting with a first-pass iteration of a filter canister design, Sigma engineers used non-linear plastic simulation analysis to determine whether long-term cyclic loading would be likely to cause permanent deformation, and worse yet, failure. Sigma’s advanced engineering skills and experience using analytical software uncovered problem areas, which saved the client time and money. This insight got the client’s program back on track and on budget. Sigma’s engineering experience helps product launches stay on schedule by removing the unforeseen obstacles that delay new product development progress. Our team is capable of performing Linear Stress, Non-Linear Plastic Deformation, Computational Fluid Analysis, as well as using other specialized engineering software.

Plastic Deformation and Stress Simulation, Detail Design Improvements, Design for Manufacturing, Product Development.

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University Collaboration for Water Treatment

Customer: Montclair State University, NJ
Industry: Water Treatment Technologies

University Collaboration for Ultrasonic Water Treatment System
At universities all over the country, scientists are churning out the research that can potentially lead to innovative new products. But many of these great ideas get stuck in academic labs because university scientists lack the business experience to develop a commercial product. Today’s universities are supporting these products further and assist in the commercialization process.
Montclair State University (MSU) had just such a project; a design for an ultrasonic water treatment system. The system was  designed, fabricated and assembled in-house by Sigma Design. Then the system was tested for electronic and water processing at Sigma’s 20,000 sq. ft. facility.
For innovators in academia, Sigma Design provides the bridge to the business world with the experience to build the most challenging technical devices and then guide them to market. Sigma Design can assist with prototypes, manufacturing, product testing, packing & transport, and even insurance.
Dr. Meiyin Wu, a professor at MSU and the lead scientist on this venture, described her experience working with Sigma Design as an extremely pleasant and productive experience. “Sigma’s staff are highly professional with exceptional skills. Collaboration between MSU/higher education and Sigma is an example of the future of innovation,” Dr. Wu said.
Sigma Manufactured the Ultrasonic Water Treatment System.

Services Performed:
System Design, Flow Simulation,  Detail Design, Electronics,  Product Development, Testing & Manufacture.

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