Sigma Design was recently awarded the Gold Hire Vets Medallion award from the United States Department of Labor. It is the only veteran employment award at the federal level that is presented to companies that hire and retain veterans as a certain percentage of their workforce.

A national commitment to recruiting and employing veterans is an initiative that the whole country can get behind. Manufacturing roles offer opportunities for veterans who learned skilled trades while serving in the armed forces is a win-win for both veterans as well as American manufacturing.

Our focus on hiring veterans starts at the top with our founder, Jerry Lynch, who served in the US Navy onboard a destroyer in the Pacific. This has led to our company valuing the experience brought to our team by veterans. Sigma believes that the training and experience obtained by veterans make them desirable candidates for the civilian workplace. They are typically well disciplined and have a clear understanding of the importance of accountability and honesty, as well as an approach to the workplace with the sense of a mission.

Sigma Design is proud of our commitment to hiring veterans. We will stay committed to this important program into the future, as our growth will require the addition of highly skilled and highly motivated talent. We are deeply honored to receive this recognition!