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Pilot Testing at Sag Harbor, NY

Customer: GCK Technology
Industry: Clean Energy – Tidal Hydropower

Sigma Design Support Clean Energy Development
Hydropower is a clean energy source, but it requires huge, expensive dams that flood vast areas, displacing people and disrupting the environment. The Gorlov helical turbine taps alternative sources of water power without the widespread environmental harm of large dams. Gorlov’s design consists of blades twisted into the shape of a helix , the shape of a DNA molecule. The turbine’s blades rotate at twice the velocity of the water current flow, and capture’s more of the water’s energy than a conventional turbine. After Gorlov developed the helical design concept, GCK engineers needed to take laboratory and prototype data and turn it into a real working machine. They wanted to determine loads on the blades , shaft and bearings so they could optimize the design, reduce manufacturing costs, and ensure reliable operation.

Services Performed: System development, computational fluid analysis and simulation, bearing load analysis, design for manufacturability, input on testing protocol, supported field testing.

Tidal-Power Turbine

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Sigma Designs for the U.S. Army

Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Industry: Clean Energy

A modular platform developed for Hydroelectric Turbine Maintenance
Sigma Design solved a very unique problem for the clean energy industry. We developed and manufactured a modular, 26 foot diameter maintenance platform for Hydroelectric Power facilities to service the underside of vertical power turbines. This presented a unique challenge, as all of the pieces of the platform had to be passed through a 24” x 30” manway. Sigma designed a platform that could be broken down into much smaller sections, taken into the turbine area, and assembled by a small crew. This required Sigma to complete detailed assembly instructions, and also assemble and load test it in-house.

Services Performed: Structural analysis and design, large structure fabrication, load testing, work instruction drafting, assembly, test and analysis.

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Industrial Art Produces Alternative Energy

Customer: WattLots, NJ
Industry: Alternative Energy

Sigma Design Company Engineers make solar parking canopies aesthetically designed and functional
Sigma Design Company engineers make solar parking canopies aesthetically designed and functional engineering services were provided to a renewable energy company that had an idea that updated the look and efficiency of solar parking canopies. Unlike the typical large, bulky structures dropped onto parking lots all over the place, these were different in both form and function. Sigma developed the unique trackers for the PowerArbor™, which allows this solar canopy to capture 25% more energy than stationary grids.

Besides good looks and performance, Sigma had to make sure that it was structurally safe and sound. A variety of tests were done to determine its ability to withstand hurricane winds. Then Hurricane Sandy happened. The installation was half installed when it hit—and as expected the system passed the most critical test of all with no damage.

We performed a simulated hurricane wind analysis to better determine wind-induced loads. Sigma studied and used this data to update various structural components which improved the arbor’s ability to withstand 120 mph hurricane winds.

Services Performed: Concepts, wind-land simulation, detail design, electronics, product development, testing & manufacture.

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Bird-Friendly Wind Power Takes Flight

Customer: Green Technology Inventor
Industry: Alternative Energy

Sigma Design Company hired to test wind power
A World War II veteran and retired welder and operating engineer hired Sigma Design Company to test, analyze, refine, optimize and manufacture his patented invention: Catching Wind Power® (CWP) Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine. This inventor felt strongly about entrusting this project to Jerry Lynch, P.E., a U.S. Navy veteran.
The blades of traditional wind turbines can kill bats, birds, and other flying wildlife. This was a concern to the inventor, so he designed a system that eliminates external blades. The patented “Inner Compression Cone Technology” (ICCT) squeezes the incoming air, compressing it as it is drawn through the turbine and multiplies it, creating more power. The ICCT technology also creates virtually no noise. The blades are internal, closer together, and smaller therefore eliminating the sound traditional blades make as they spin and swoop past the tower. The turbine is offered in different sizes ranging from personal portables to massive wind farm units. This versatile product is very cost-efficient for any location and allows the user to take green energy anywhere they go.Sigma Design Company shares this inventor’s vision for alternative energy products designed and built to create jobs in the U.S.

Services Performed:
Wind-Land simulation, detail design, electronics, product development, testing.

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