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Engine Filter

Customer: Global Filter Manufacturer
Industry: Automotive Filtration

Sigma Design Company’s advanced engineering skills and experience using analytical software uncovers problem areas to save a client time and money.
A globally known filter manufacturer had a fast-paced program and needed help to reduce their test program time. Starting with a first-pass iteration of a filter canister design, Sigma engineers used non-linear plastic simulation analysis to determine whether long-term cyclic loading would be likely to cause permanent deformation, and worse yet, failure. Sigma’s advanced engineering skills and experience using analytical software uncovered problem areas, which saved the client time and money. This insight got the client’s program back on track and on budget. Sigma’s engineering experience helps product launches stay on schedule by removing the unforeseen obstacles that delay new product development progress. Our team is capable of performing Linear Stress, Non-Linear Plastic Deformation, Computational Fluid Analysis, as well as using other specialized engineering software.

Services Performed:
Plastic Deformation and Stress Simulation, Detail Design Improvements, Design for Manufacturing, Product Development.

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Hydro Kinetic Power

Customer: GCK, TX
Industry: Alternative Energy

Turbine Flow Analysis – Computational Analysis Allows Underwater Generator to Produce Results.
Sigma Design was asked to design and analyze a novel three blade hydro turbine blade assembly. We created a single SolidWorks model and added appropriate boundary conditions to determine the hydrodynamic forces and distributed them across the blades to simulate the effect of tons of water flowing against the structure. Sigma developed fabrication drawings and worked with a local sheet metal fabricator on the manufacturing methods for these complex blade shapes. The system was fabricated and tested in Sag Harbor, New York.

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SolidWorks Hydro Turbine

Services Performed:
Hydro power system development, computational stress and flow analysis, fabrication development and design, detail system components design, construction management, testing and validation.

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Thermal Analysis Using CFD

Customer: Global Specialty Metal Manufacturing Firm
Industry: Material Manufacturing

A global metal manufacturing firm needed Sigma Design Company to reverse engineer and model a heat exchanger.
A global metal manufacturing firm needed Sigma Design Company to reverse engineer and model a heat exchanger that is used in a foundry for creating alloy steel bars. In this application, hot metal flows in from one side, at 2800 °F, and is cooled by water that enters in from the other side. When the metal exits, it will be solidified to 1700 °F. The water and metal never touch, and because of the high heat, the heat exchanger itself had some very complex geometry and materials. Sigma was tasked with this project because of their engineering and design experience.
A SolidWorks Simulation CFD was run to determine the fluid flow profile. By running the simulation with different configurations of the heat exchanger, we could see which configuration provided better flow and therefore better system temperature control. We created areas where the flow rate could be measured, and used that data to determine the proper orientation of the components. Sigma is also the manufacturer of the modified cooling system components.

Services Performed:
Engineering services, concept development, FEA & CFD analysis and simulation, detail system design, fabrication, assembly and testing.

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Bird-Friendly Wind Power Takes Flight

Customer: Green Technology Inventor
Industry: Alternative Energy

Sigma Design Company hired to test wind power
A World War II veteran and retired welder and operating engineer hired Sigma Design Company to test, analyze, refine, optimize and manufacture his patented invention: Catching Wind Power® (CWP) Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine. This inventor felt strongly about entrusting this project to Jerry Lynch, P.E., a U.S. Navy veteran.
The blades of traditional wind turbines can kill bats, birds, and other flying wildlife. This was a concern to the inventor, so he designed a system that eliminates external blades. The patented “Inner Compression Cone Technology” (ICCT) squeezes the incoming air, compressing it as it is drawn through the turbine and multiplies it, creating more power. The ICCT technology also creates virtually no noise. The blades are internal, closer together, and smaller therefore eliminating the sound traditional blades make as they spin and swoop past the tower. The turbine is offered in different sizes ranging from personal portables to massive wind farm units. This versatile product is very cost-efficient for any location and allows the user to take green energy anywhere they go.Sigma Design Company shares this inventor’s vision for alternative energy products designed and built to create jobs in the U.S.

Services Performed:
Wind-Land simulation, detail design, electronics, product development, testing.

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