Vertical Farming Industry Projected to Explode Globally

Recent agricultural advancements have become as innovative as they are necessary. Steady population growth in addition to climate factors have forced the farming industry to start to evolve. These two factors have led to conventional farming often becoming more unpredictable and expensive. Moreover, economic changes in the developed world will make providing an ever-growing food demand more challenging for the less developed world.

Vertical […]

September 13, 2021|

The Large Project Dilemma: Outsource vs. Onboard

Successful companies often find themselves at a crossroads when undertaking a large, new project. Whether increasing capacity, developing a new product or system, or modernizing existing equipment, an organization can find itself in a bind when trying to find bandwidth with internal engineering and manufacturing capabilities. A choice must be made that can alter the course of the project significantly before it even […]

July 15, 2021|

Sigma Design Invests in the Expansion of Its Welding Team and New Welding Technology

At Sigma Design, our weld shop is one of the lifelines of our manufacturing capabilities. Our ability to fabricate elaborate frames and weldments serves as the literal backbone to the state of the art products and equipment we manufacture. As our company has grown, we have also invested heavily in our welding team as well as the welding technology we can use to […]

May 6, 2021|
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